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The Surprise

Andrew Steven


Andrew crafted 'The Surprise' in a live event in Lake Tekapo Domain. Using his chainsaw, he carved the figure from a solid log over two days. He aimed for a feminine figure with a feeling of movement and activity, which is visible in the flowing hair. His goal was to display grace and beauty through his art.

About the Artist

Andrew Stevens, a full-time farmer residing near Timaru, discovered his passion for sculpting wood seven years ago. Despite never having demonstrated any prior artistic ability, he embarked on this new journey into the world of artistry. Andrew firmly believes in the existence of numerous creative outlets, emphasising the importance of discovering one's unique path. He champions the notion that each individual possesses untapped creative potential waiting to be explored.


Andrew is thrilled to showcase his work once again at the Lake Tekapo Sculpture walk. This exhibition marks a significant milestone in his artistic endeavors, highlighting the evolution from a farmer to a burgeoning wood sculptor.

People's Choice Award

Lake Tekapo Sculpture Walk People's Choice Award allows visitors to vote for their favourite sculpture, with the winning artist receiving $600, announced on the exhibition's final weekend.
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