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Laetitia Campe

Laetitia Campe's work investigates the emotive qualities of being immersed within natural forces. Both the printmaking and painting processes are visual representations of her lived experiences.

Her prints explore isolated motifs within the landscape, allowing the strangeness of these natural forms to dominate the work. The restricted palette maximises the graphic effect. It is not about any specific place but more about being in the here and now and allowing oneself to transmit energy while in the moment.

Her paintings have a vibrant palette representing the energy felt while moving through these magical locations. It is a matter of spending time within a landscape, absorbing and observing and then translating that into painting.

Laetitia has been a visual artist all her life. She gained a liberal arts degree from Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, in 1989, followed by a graduate diploma in printmaking from Dunedin School of Art in 2010. 

Her profession as a ski guide in winters and an alpine trekking guide in the summers greatly influences her art practice. She is of French/German origin and has lived in Hawea Flat since 1993, growing a home alongside a family.

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