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My Spare tyres

Michael Wells

Corten Steel
990h x 300

"My Spare Tyres" reflects the dual symbolism embodied by the smaller and larger tyres in the artwork. The smaller tyre resonates with the notion of a compact spare, while the larger one evokes the image of a robust tractor tyre. This juxtaposition subtly alludes to the concept of "spare tyres," not only in the literal sense but also metaphorically, representing the passage of time and the natural changes in one's physical form that often accompany aging. The artwork cleverly captures these associations, inviting contemplation on the multifaceted meanings embedded within everyday objects.

About the Artist

Michael Wells, a sculptor based in Canterbury, brings a unique background to his craft. Having spent over three decades in dairy farming, Michael redirected his focus to a passion that had long filled his leisure hours – creating with steel.


His experience maintaining and repairing items on the farm, especially in the aftermath of seismic events like earthquakes, reinforced the quintessential Kiwi knack for resourceful improvisation using whatever materials were at hand.


When not engrossed in his shed, meticulously crafting with a welder, you might find Michael teeing off on the golf course, en route to the greens, or winding down from a round. Alternatively, he might be maneuvering a lawnmower across his beloved lawns—a task that brings him undeniable joy.


Amidst these pursuits, Michael cherishes his deep connection with his wife and adult family, whose support and love are integral to his life. Through his unique blend of farm wisdom, resourcefulness, and a passion for steel, Michael brings a distinct touch to his sculptural endeavors.

People's Choice Award

Lake Tekapo Sculpture Walk People's Choice Award allows visitors to vote for their favourite sculpture, with the winning artist receiving $600, announced on the exhibition's final weekend.
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