his design is cut from an up-cycled bottle, tumbled in a barrel and finally sandblasted with a distinctive leaf rib pattern. The veins of the leaf supply water and collect the food made by the green cells to sustain the life of the plant.

Finished with handcrafted recycled Sterling Silver hooks.

Other colours (Red, Orange, Purple) available by request.

Pendant available by request.

Earring length: 27mm (1.1 in) not including hook.

By New Zealand designer Heidi Gilgenberg.

**Due to the nature of the process and the use of recycled materials, colour and size may vary slightly from photo**

Glass sources- Green: Jagermeister Schnapps or Wine bottle.  Light Blue: Bombay Sapphire Gin.  Dark Blue: Weleda Oil or Wine bottle.  Red, Purple and Orange: Old windows (Note: Orange is from old Red window annealed in a Kiln which turns it bright Orange!).

All Stone Arrow handcrafted jewellery comes with gift packaging sharing the story behind the handmade design.

All our silver and copper is 100% recycled.

Glass Leaf Earrings – Stone Arrow