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Rebecca Rose

Stainless Steel
4000h x 750w x 750

"Flight" encapsulates my fascination with birds in motion. I find profound joy in observing their graceful passage overhead, particularly as they journey homeward at dusk. The formations they create are nothing short of spectacular, captivating me with their mesmerising beauty and evoking a sense of wonder. This artwork is a tribute to the awe-inspiring spectacle of birds in flight, celebrating their grace and the enchantment they bring to the sky.

About the Artist

Rebecca Rose, a seasoned sculptor with a rich artistic career spanning 24 years, delves into the profound essence of life's cycles and the intricate interdependence of humanity in her work. Her artistic exploration of these themes manifests through abstract creations crafted from metals and alloys.


Her sculptures, reflecting the depth of her contemplation, grace both public spaces and private collections across New Zealand and various international locations. Rebecca's distinctive artistic vision has garnered recognition through recent curated exhibitions, including the Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden in 2021, the Minqin Desert Sculpture Exhibition in China in 2018, and the esteemed Sculpture by the Sea event in Perth in the same year.


Through her thought-provoking and visually compelling sculptures, Rebecca Rose continues to captivate audiences, inviting them to contemplate the profound connections inherent in life's rhythms and the interconnectedness of humanity.

People's Choice Award

Lake Tekapo Sculpture Walk People's Choice Award allows visitors to vote for their favourite sculpture, with the winning artist receiving $600, announced on the exhibition's final weekend.
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