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Rory McDougall

Conglomerate and Steel
1200h x 1200 x800 (not incl plinth)
$12,000 plus optional plinth

"Matrilineal" celebrates the discovery of mitochondrial DNA by Professor Brian Sykes at Oxford University in the 1990s, tracing human evolution through the female lineage. This piece uniquely combines past and future in its Janus version, honouring this historical journey.

About the Artist

Rory McDougall originates from the Scottish Highlands and Islands, finding inspiration in the region's abundant Celtic and Pictish archaeology. His artistic vision draws heavily from the European Bronze Age, notably the La Tene style.


At the heart of Rory's art lies a celebration of water formations, early plant life, seeds, seasonal cycles, and the feminine essence, all conveyed through intricate symbolic patterns. His artistic pursuit is to infuse a sense of reverence by harmonizing these symbols with symmetry and equilibrium, crafting narratives that echo themes of fertility and fluidity. Through his art, Rory aims to encapsulate the essence of venerated elements intertwined with Celtic heritage and ancient symbolism.

People's Choice Award

Lake Tekapo Sculpture Walk People's Choice Award allows visitors to vote for their favourite sculpture, with the winning artist receiving $600, announced on the exhibition's final weekend.
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