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Susanna Izard

In 2010 Susanna spent two weeks as a hut warden at the Mueller Hut in the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park. It was here that her interest in painting the mountains and high country really evolved. 


Susanna mainly paints outside and enjoys the freedom and physicality of it.  The changing light and shade during the day give vitality to her work.  She will often choose the colours according to the day and how she feels driving out.


She generally makes notes and draws the landscape in her book before painting. About ¾ of a painting is generally completed outside.


“Some are fully completed outside if the weather is ok and I’m not too flustered”.


“Apart from other artists, I think I may be the only living thing staying still in the massive landscape, I see everything during my hours of painting and through my binoculars”.


Lines have always featured in her art, blurring between painting a drawing and drawing with paint … a fine line between painting and drawing.  She likes light, colour and landforms wrenched into shapes by New Zealand’s violent nature.


She travels with contour maps, lines and more lines, fault lines, timelines. Lines on my face, line on people’s faces, lines on mountain faces.

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