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Susie Millichamp

Susie Millichamp is an artist who sees the world ripe with visual aesthetics. To her, it’s all about colour, tonal value and emotion coming together to create compositions that delight the eye.


Known in the Mid-Canterbury area for her watercolours, she sells her art at local exhibitions and galleries.  Along with her husband, they own a shop called Art & Baskets in Methven, which doubles as a studio space. They sell her paintings and baskets made by her husband. It is a lovely mix of social and creative interaction.


Having been lucky to paint in Italy and France, Susie has gleaned tips from world-renown artists while in their workshops. Further travel has given her inspiration to fuel her artmaking.


She likes to paint Plein Air, which brings about a looser spontaneity!! She also teaches art classes at art societies and the Methven Summer school, although it was

The Drawing Room in Christchurch who provided the opportunity to teach block and weekend courses that really accelerated her career.

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