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Bird of Paradise

Tony O'Grady

16000h x 400w x 400
Plinth: 590h x 300. Base: 80h x 600 x 600. Total Height: 2.3m

"Birds of Paradise" invites an engaging experience as you navigate around the sculpture, witnessing the dynamic interaction between two planes that engender unexpected and mesmerizing patterns. This interplay echoes the intricate relationship observed in life on our planet, akin to how existence filters and engages with the radiant energy emanating from the sun. The artwork mirrors this dance of life and energy, unveiling unforeseen beauty with each new perspective.

About the Artist

Tony O'Grady, based in South Brighton, Christchurch, has dedicated 25 years to sculpting and painting. Working with mediums like stone, wood, clay, plaster, concrete, wax, and bronze, he finds joy in the physicality of sculpting, especially carving. In recent years, he has focused on exploring bronze while occasionally taking on substantial concrete commissions.


Fascinated by the human figure, Tony uses sculpture to explore concepts of mass, weight, balance, and space. Beyond technique, his process delves into personal and spiritual realms, seeking new depths and meanings.


He aims to create impactful, monumental works regardless of size, aspiring for each piece to convey uniqueness, individuality, and uplifting inspiration.

People's Choice Award

Lake Tekapo Sculpture Walk People's Choice Award allows visitors to vote for their favourite sculpture, with the winning artist receiving $600, announced on the exhibition's final weekend.
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