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Wonhee Dueart

Wonhee is a classically trained artist from Busan, South Korea with a degree in Fine Arts from Silla University.


New Zealand became Wonhee’s home when she moved to Queenstown in 2006 to be with her Kiwi partner.


Wonhee started painting at a specialist art institute from age 11. Normally finishing classes at 10pm daily she would them make her way home on the bus alone.


Wonhee was accepted to a specialist art high school called “Kong Ye” where she majored in watercolour but also studied sculpture and graphic design.


After high school, Wonhee gained admission to Silla University where she majored in Fine Art.  Silla is a specialised art university whose alumni included world-famous Choy So Yung.


Wonhee loves to paint in watercolour and oils.  Her skills are wide and diverse and she paints landscapes, portraits, still life and abstract.


Falling in love with the Mackenzie region with its incredible colours, landscapes and outdoor adventure opportunities, Wonhee now calls Lake Tekapo her home.

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